An experience through history, elegance and relax I Monasteri Golf Resort, a prestigious and luxurious residence full of history and beautiful landscapes, unique of its kind, amazes the guests with its tradition, fragrances and flavours. This charming residence is today a 4 star hotel with a fitness centre and a 18 holes par 71 green, and it is set in the midst of a lush countryside rich in citrus, palms, carobs and olive trees. The spacious rooms are provided with every kind of room service to comfortably receive the guests. The nature that welcomes this beautiful golf course is very characteristic and has all the connotations of the most classic Sicilian landscape: oranges, mandarins, lemons, almonds, stones, rocks, prickly pears, stone walls. The design of the golf course is aimed to preserve the beautiful nature in which it is designed, and to enhance its characteristics. The holes do not appear as artificial interruptions of the citrus field, but they seem to be a natural clearing that separates one area of oranges and lemons from the other; the dry stone walls follow the layout of some of the holes, the rocks and the stones through the fairways and holes flow among large prickly pears, almost without stop their weaving. While playing you can see the trees of oranges, mandarins and lemons, because lapping the holes. For these reasons, the golf course is a very Sicilian: playing in “Monasteri” you will have a real feeling of Sicily. The golf course, is a “par 71 course” and is designed with the intention of making the players feel immersed in nature and at the same time to ensure that the game is also funny and technical, thanks to the five tees for each hole, thanks to the positioning of the obstacles and thanks to the shape and slope of the greens. The position of the clubhouse and the hotel facilitates the passing of the first and second nine holes, which occur in a pleasant alternation of zones where the nature changes very sensitively: citrus trees to prickly pears, the arid to the humid areas where four lakes are connected by a stream.


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I Monasteri Golf Club

Traversa Monasteri di Sotto, 3
Siracusa, Sicily, I-96100, Italy
☎ +39 0931 1848936


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